Investigating acid throttle in soil profile

Warwick Read has been working with Precision Agriculture for years to increase efficiencies and target the “1 per centers” to improve crop production targets on his mixed family farms in Victoria’s western district near Beaufort.

Using intensive grid sampling strategies, Read Farming has collated a detailed history over the past 6 years from mapping pH and Colwell P across many paddocks. This has had a positive impact on yield and reduced variability in terms of soil pH as well as production.

However, following an extensive liming history, Warwick wanted to investigate potential variation in pH down through the soil profile reported in the research.

“I wanted to determine whether there were any acid throttles or sub-surface acidity that could not be identified through the traditional soil sampling practices.

“We commonly use lime top dressing without incorporation as part of our minimum tillage practices and we know that in combination with the slow movement of lime, we could have acidity issues at the 5-15 cm masked by 0-10cm sampling,” said Warwick.

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