Variable Rate Solutions

Adoption of Variable Rate Technology by Australian Grain Producers could reduce CO2-e emissions by up to 915,000 tonnes per annum.

A co-benefit to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, growers will see an improvement in their soil productivity per hectare through reduced variability across paddocks and optimised nutrient levels for their crops.


Precision Agriculture has been approved as a data broker for the historical soil data capture program

Precision Agriculture is excited to announce that we have been selected as a data broker to collect and transform soil data for the Australian Government Historical Soil Data Capture Payments Program.


$750k Investment into Soli

Precision Agriculture is excited to announce that in partnership with Food Agility and Federation University, the centre of our business, Soli, is about to get even better!


Nitrogen Management Project

Nitrogen (N) deficiency remains one of the single greatest factors that unnecessarily limits yield in Australian broadacre production. The results of the project highlighted moderate to high levels of N ...


Grid Soil Mapping defines the variability in multiple soil properties.

A Precision Agriculture research project has highlighted the benefits of grid soil mapping in developing targeted strategies to address individual soil properties on your farming operation. Research Paper</button The project ...


Test your soils now to avoid ploughing in your profits

With crop and pasture planning underway across the country, farmers are reminded that a simple soil testing program to generate a variable rate application can save up to 60% in fertiliser ...


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