Precision Agriculture has been approved as a data broker for the historical soil data capture program


Todd Buck

Precision Agriculture is excited to announce that we have been selected as a data broker to collect and transform soil data for the Australian Government Historical Soil Data Capture Payments Program.

The $21 million program is a key measure under the National Soils Package.  The program pays farmers and land managers to share their historical soil test data with the Australian Government. 

As a soil data owner, you may wish to provide the government with a license to use your data to assist in research into Australian soils. Payment from $50 to $200 will be offered per sample, depending on the number of soil properties (minimum 5), up to a maximum of $10,000 per data owner. 

Please note that all historical sample results prior to 01/01/2022 held by Precision Agriculture may be included in the program, providing there are five or more soil properties per sample, however, the payment is capped at $10,000 per data owner.

As a data broker, our role will be to communicate the details of the program and the obligations of the data owner including the approval of the data-sharing agreement with the Australian Government. In addition, Precision Agriculture will transform your data, so it meets the requirements of the Australian Government ANSIS database.

Precision Agriculture is required to pass on 100% of the government payment to the data owner. 

At this stage, our customers are not required to do anything.  Precision Agriculture is currently reviewing all the data we have on record and will advise our customers if they qualify and of their estimated potential payment.

We expect to have contacted all eligible customers by mid-May.  If you believe you qualify and have not heard from us, please contact us at



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