Carbon Baselining for Market-leading Beef Producer 


Todd Buck

A customer in the Eastern Riverina, Mid to High Rainfall Zone, recently completed a Carbon Baseline project with Precision Agriculture.

This producer wanted to understand the current soil carbon levels prior to embarking on establishing a significant change in management practices for his grazing program.

His goal is to produce carbon-neutral beef and to achieve that, he needed to know his current soil carbon levels before making changes to his current grazing program.

Precision Agriculture, together with the customer, developed a sampling and testing plan based on the Carbon ERF principles, but also included other tests such as CEC, to allow the grower to also develop his soil amelioration approach, particularly around lime and gypsum. 

The final program, which cost approximately, $20 per hectare, produced CEA/Strata maps and added sampling plans for 0-30cm and 30 to depth.

As with all our soil samples, these were tested at a NATA-approved laboratory.

The Australian red meat industry has set a target to be carbon neutral by 2030 (CN30). If you are interested in also understanding your carbon baseline levels in line with this target, please contact Precision Agriculture today.

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