$750k Investment into Soli


Todd Buck


Precision Agriculture is excited to announce that in partnership with Food Agility and Federation University, the centre of our business, Soli, is about to get even better!

Soli – Precision Agriculture’s own soil data management platform, will be further developed, placing Precision Agriculture into a market-leading position. The development of Soli will allow us to not only provide a better service to our customers but also future-proof our business and put us in a position of long-term growth and stability.

Among the long list of improvements to our current platform will be the ability to bring in different data files from various platforms to create a multi-layer map. Using AI and machine learning will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to get this type of data together, and the quality of the data will be more detailed, accurate, and user-friendly.

Other expected outcomes include:

  • Provide growers/farmers with in-depth regional insights and the ability to compare their soil data against local benchmarks
  • Provide growers/farmers with a year-on-year comparison of soil data, because of repeated soil testing
  • Provide the soil nutrient and carbon data in a timelier manner
  • Provide a one-stop-shop of all soil data on the one platform
  • Give agronomists and growers/farmers the ability to access their account in SOLI, as and when they require (self-service)

We look forward to working on this project with Food Agility CRC and Federation University and are excited to be able to offer this fantastic product to our customers in the future.

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