Precision Agriculture unveils new brand campaign.


Todd Buck

Precision Agriculture has announced an abbreviation of the company’s brand to Precision Ag. 
The announcement also included the launch of  the “Soil is Life’ advertising campaign showcasing the importance of soil, the core element of the company’s services.

The new branding articulates the difference between the company and the common industry term of precision agriculture. 

This new visual identity also serves as an evolution of this rapidly growing company in the agriculture industry.

Todd Buck, CEO, is looking forward to this next phase of the company’s exciting growth and expansion story.

“We wanted to reposition the company to be clear on our mission, for both our customers and our staff, focusing on soil health and solutions; helping farmers to unlock their soil potential. We recognise that many people tend to abbreviate our name to Precision Ag anyway, hence it will be a natural term for the market to adopt.

This is an important move as we continue to expand our footprint nationally, including entering new regions where our brand may not be as well known as our established markets.

After fifteen years in the sector, we have helped over 3500 customers improve their soil performance, predominantly with our variable rate technology (VRT) solutions delivered using our proprietary platform – Soli.

Now with carbon also being at the forefront of the agriculture sector, the use of VRT is a proven method to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are also helping farmers to access the markets for carbon sequestration.”

– Todd Buck, CEO

Soil is life campaign

In unison with the new brand, Precision Ag has also launched a new advertising campaign. 

The campaign features a 60 second video tagged, Soil Is Life. 

The objective of the campaign is to emphasise the importance of soil in daily life, being one of the earth’s most important natural resources. 

The agriculture industry relies heavily on healthy soil for productivity across all sectors. 

As Australia’s leading provider of variable rate farming solutions, Precision Ag’s cutting-edge soil sampling services are at the core of achieving healthy soils for increasing yield and saving production input costs.

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