Supporting Farmers to Improve their soil in the Riverine Plains

This project will target 30 farmers in the Southern Riverina and up to 100 farmers experiencing the same soil issues by using a communications specialist. The aim of the project is to give farmers a better understanding of their soils and how they can be managed to improve production and water retention. Soil issues in the region are complex and can be segmented throughout the soil profile. For example, in many instances acidity is not present at the surface but can be quite profound at 15cm below the surface.

Therefore soil testing needs to be comprehensive, to understand where the problems lie. Other high-priority issues are sodicity, poorly structured soils and low organic carbon soils. The program will be delivered by establishing two farmer discussion groups that will identify the high-priority issues in their location. The groups will participate in soil testing, field walks, demonstrations and workshops, to assist them to implement best management practices for their own farm.

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