Soil Management Zones

Soil Management Zones to understand soil types

for better decisions.

Understanding the characteristics of your soil and how it varies across the farm is a fundamental starting place for any sustainable farming operation. Starting with soil, you can look to enhance your natural resource base and draw more from every hectare.

Precision Ag’s soil management plans help to set up a long-term program including strategic soil sampling programs, zonal paddock management and variable rate applications.

Why create soil management zones?

Soil management zone refers to a delimited area within a field with homogeneous soil properties. These zones are delineated based on factors like texture, fertility, and moisture content. Utilizing precision farming techniques, you can customize your management practices, such as fertiliser and nutrient application, to suit the unique needs of each zone, optimizing crop production.

management Zones
Strategic Sampling plan

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At Precision Ag we recommend the use of an EM38 soil survey as a reliable option for zoning paddocks according to soil type and potential yields. It is a fast and cost-effective way of measuring soil moisture content, salt levels, and soil texture (clay content).  We can also complement the EM38 survey with Gamma Radiometrics which provide an extra data layer when operating in soils with high gravel content.

Following the creation of the management zones, we take strategic soil samples to ground truth the zones.  We then produce VR maps from these results eg. VR Urea.

national fleet,

fast turnaround.

We have Six EM38 units and 3 Gamma Radiometric units located across Australia, which means prompt local service, and fast turnaround of data.

Our Soil Management Zones service includes:

  • Soil surveying your property using the EM38 units and Gamma Radiometrics where applicable.
  • Through a collaborative process, we create an agreed number of management zones following the processing of the above survey data
  • Results in 2 weeks survey completion
  • Recommendation for a strategic sample plan to validate zones.
  • Creation of variable rate application maps if strategic samples taken
  • Provision of prescription files to suit any VR controller if strategic samples taken.

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