Strategic Soil Sampling

strategic Soil testing

uncovers variability at deeper level

Strategic soil sampling involves the deliberate selection of sampling locations based on various factors such as field history, topography, soil variability, and management zones.

Unlike grid soil sampling, which typically involves collecting samples at regular intervals across a field, strategic soil sampling targets specific areas of interest or concern within the field.

when to use strategic samples?

The goal of strategic soil sampling is to obtain representative soil samples that capture the variability of soil properties within different management zones or areas of the paddock.

This approach allows farmers and agronomists to tailor their soil sampling efforts to specific management objectives, such as assessing soil fertility, identifying areas of nutrient deficiency or excess, evaluating the effectiveness of past management practices, or targeting areas for precision agriculture applications.

Strategic soil sampling may involve using various tools and technologies, such as soil maps, satellite imagery, yield maps, and on-the-ground observations, to identify sampling locations that are most likely to provide valuable information for decision-making.

When combined with our soil management zones, we can take the results to Variable Rate application maps e.g. Urea.

4 Easy Steps

Survey Map & Zone Creation
Zonal Sampling Plan
Application Map
Prescription File

national fleet,

fast turnaround.

We have more than 10 specialised strategic sampling units located across Australia, which means prompt local service, and fast turnaround of data. These units can take samples to various depths to more than 1 metre and are also used for Carbon sampling.

Our Strategic Sampling service includes:

  • Soil sampling
  • Independent NATA accredited laboratory analysis
  • Results in 2 weeks from receipt at lab
  • Development of variable rate application maps
  • Provision of prescription files to suit any VR controller

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