The ultimate testament to Precision Ag's services and the multitude of benefits they offer lies in the success stories of our valued customers.

Dryland Cropping

Andrew Fraser

I just ring them up and they upload it to the iPad in the tractor, and it’s that easy. It’s hard to believe how easy it is.

Charlie Vallance

It’s a product anyone can use. You don’t need to understand it, you just plug it into the computer and drive. This is really helpful when you have numerous operators through that driver’s seat.

Tim Rethus

Soil is where everything happens, it’s where our bank of resources is, it’s where all the potential of the crop lies, yet it’s the thing we know the least about.


Matt Witney

The main thing to start with is just highlighting the issues. There’s different problems in different paddocks and there’s so many areas we can improve because of variability in paddock. It’s a learning process.

Scott Hutchings

We’ve been able to target particular problems and ground truth them.


Schreurs & Sons

The money saving with our lime applications alone justifies our investments with Precision Ag.

Redbank Farming

Once you’ve got your map, you can just go in with your normal spreader at different rates with a google earth print out in your cabin and adjust rates as you go.

Spreader Contractors

Bob Douglas

Our questions are answered straight away, we get service at the door. We feel like they’re part of our business and we hope that they feel like we’re part of theirs.

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