in agribusiness.

A group of highly experienced leaders with a deep understanding of Agriculture, they have overseen the growth of the company to become Australia’s leading provider of variable rate farming solutions.

With three of the board members being commercial farmers, the business has solving grower problems at its core.

Warwick Read


Warwick is a large Western Districts, Victoria grain grower who owns and runs various properties around Stoneleigh Victoria.

Warwick was introduced to Precision Ag several years ago and has implemented many of its services. Warwick was instrumental in bringing together the current ownership group in 2015.

Warwick ensures Precision Ag’s products and services are designed for growers and he is passionate about closing the service cycle to action on farm.


Co-Founder and Director

Andrew is a leader in precision agricultural techniques and soil management and a founder of Precision Ag.

He is passionate about sustainable agriculture, sustainable food production and integration of precision agriculture technologies to deliver financial and environmental improvements to cropping systems.

Andrew runs family farming operations in Rokewood Victoria where he crops and runs a merino enterprise. He regularly showcases precision farming techniques on his own enterprise to other farmers and students.

Mick Cattanach


Mick has extensive agricultural experience across both production and corporate agribusiness.

He was a co-founder and Managing Director of Emerald Grain, prior to which controlled the marketing and sales function for national co-operative group NETCO, after a distinguished grain trading career with international trading house ConAgra.

Mick manages his own extensive grazing and cropping operations in the southwest of NSW and a variety of other investments.

Mike Chaseling


Mike has over 30 years’ experience in Australian and international agribusiness.

He was a co-founder and Deputy Chairman of Emerald Grain (2004-14) and board member (2020-22) when Emerald was re-acquired and he has held senior roles with ConAgra Trade Group (Trading Manager), agricultural co operative group NETCO (CEO), and the Australian Wheat Board (senior wheat trader).

He is currently an Advisory Board member of Nash Capital and Advisory and manages his family investment portfolio.

Murray de Jong


Murray is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and has held senior roles across a variety of agribusinesses and legal firms including Burra Foods Australia as General Manger Strategy and Planning and Emerald Grain (GM West, GM Strategy and Planning and Company Secretary.

Murray is also founder and Director of Bellarine Foods (goat milk processing) and holds a MBA from Melbourne Business School.

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